Dr. Vanama and her staff use laser dentistry techniques whenever possible to provide a more positive treatment experience for our patients. Compared to traditional methods of filling cavities and other common dental procedures, laser therapy takes less time, is more comfortable, and offers impressive results. The patient typically doesn’t require anesthesia and there is much less chance for infection once we have completed the procedure.

We provide both soft and hard tissue laser dentistry treatments at Discovery Dental. The first type includes gum and other types of oral surgery. Hard tissue dental procedures include diagnosing a cavity, treating a sensitive tooth, and filling a cavity as mentioned above. Laser dentistry for children makes an especially attractive option for our youngest patients.

Calming the Fears of Little Ones

Going to the dentist can be a frightening experience for some children who are not used to the experience and who don’t fully understand the reason for the visit. Kids who already feel anxious about a routine exam may have an especially hard time when they need additional dental work performed. This is particularly true when their procedure requires a Novocain shot. Dental lasers are powered by atomized water and activated light energy. The pediatric dental patient only feels a slight sensation of the water hitting his or her teeth and gums.

A Quicker Return to Normal Activities

Laser dentistry for children offers additional benefits besides the shorter and more comfortable initial procedure. Because there is no numbness, kids won’t chew or pick at their lips and they can resume eating almost immediately. In the case of tooth decay, Dr. Vanana has the ability to remove the smallest amount necessary while leaving the healthy structure of the tooth intact. Since the laser tool cauterizes during the dental procedure, there is less bleeding and stress for kids who may feel frightened by seeing a lot of blood. The area also heals quickly, eliminating the need for follow-up care in some cases.

Learn More about Laser Treatment Today

Laser dentistry is an important advance for both adult and pediatric patients. We encourage you to contact our office with any additional questions you may have. Our staff always takes the time to explain what we are about to do before every type of dental process, whether we use a laser or not.

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