Halloween Candy Buy Back Event at Your Issaquah Highlands DentistWe are so proud of our children! If it weren’t for their support, our Halloween Candy Buy Back at your Issaquah Highlands dentist office would not have been such a huge success.

Kids received $1 for every pound of candy donated, and a special goodie bag to protect their little chompers.

How much candy did your Issaquah Highlands dentist collect?

We are thrilled to announce that 254 lbs of candy were collected!! That’s over 3 times as much candy as last year! Kids were excited to donate and couldn’t believe the pile of candy they were adding to.

We enjoyed hearing your stories, seeing your smiles and being able to give back to our community!

A Huge Win-Win Event

The idea of a Halloween Candy Buy Back was started to promote good dental health for children while benefiting our troops who need our support. So our event was a true success!

A win for kids!

Sugary treats promote tooth decay in those precious baby teeth vital for the development of healthy young adults. Parents really appreciated the opportunity to have their child involved in a worthwhile cause and earn some spending money. Many kids told us what they planned to buy with money earned.

A win for our troops!

Many letters of appreciation were written to our troops and will be sent overseas, along with their sweet treats, by Operation Gratitude. What a great way to show our support for the men and women risking their lives and sacrificing time away from their families.

Letters to our troops from Issaquah Highlands children who donated their Halloween candy at Discovery Dental

Some of the letters written to our troops by our Issaquah Highlands children

Dr. Vanama, your Issaquah Highlands dentist, and your smile team at Discovery Dental want to thank everyone who participated in making this year’s Halloween Candy Buy Back an incredible success! We were inspired by your generosity.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Thank you for helping us accomplish so much! We look forward to seeing more of you next year to support our troops, save our children’s precious teeth and bring our Issaquah Highlands community closer together.


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