If you have a minor cosmetic dentistry issue that affects your confidence and smile, dental veneers could be the ideal option to improve both. These problems may include discoloration, a noticeable gap between teeth, chips, cracks, or small amounts of tooth decay. Dental veneers, which are paper-thin and constructed from porcelain, adhere to the front of your tooth to improve your overall aesthetics. Dr. Vanama of Discovery Dental typically removes a small amount of enamel from your tooth in order for the veneer to fit properly.

Costs Associated with Receiving a Veneer

Since this is typically an elective procedure, many patients want to know “How much are dental veneers?” It’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question that applies to everyone. That is because every patient has different variables and preferences. Some of the factors that determine the final price are whether you desire a material other than porcelain for the veneers and how many you intend to get. You also need to consider the general health of each tooth receiving a veneer.

Dental veneers cost between $750 and $1,500 per tooth for most patients. If you receive professional teeth whitening, temporary veneers, dental x-rays, or other services before Dr. Vanama places the veneer, your cost will naturally be higher. The staff at Discovery Dental will provide you with a complete written estimate that covers all costs in your unique situation.

Paying for Your Dental Veneers

The majority of dental insurance companies do not provide coverage for this procedure since it is primarily cosmetic in nature. The rules may be different when you get dental veneers following unexpected trauma to your face. It’s up to you to know what, if anything, your dental insurance company will pay towards your new veneers. We can provide you with information to apply for third-party financing if you don’t want to use a major credit card to pay for out-of-pocket expenses.

Contact Discovery Dental for an Orthodontic Consultation

Dr. Vanama will discuss financing options in greater detail when you come in for your consultation. We encourage you to contact us today so you can learn more about this popular cosmetic dentistry enhancement.

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